IEA Greenhouse Gas R&D Programme

CO2 Pipelines

Currently there are more than 6,500 km of CO2pipelines worldwide. Most of them deliver CO2 to EOR operations in the United States but there is also a growing number under development for CO2 storage projects. Valuable experience is available from these projects for all phases of pipeline projects: from early design to execution and operation.

The aim of this study was to collate information from the public domain on existing CO2 pipelines and to provide the overall lessons learned from this task.

Based on a wide range of interviews and literature, Ecofys and SNC-Lavalin have gathered information on 29 CO2 pipeline projects (out of more than 80 worldwide) and produced a comprehensive reference manual on the key issues regarding CO2 pipeline projects.

To make access to the collated information easier and more user-friendly, Ecofys also implemented an interactive web tool that shows the location and routing of the 29 CO2 pipeline projects investigated in this study. You can zoom in and out of the map and click on the different pipeline projects to access the details, such as owner, length, diameter, volume etc.