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Offshore Storage Potential Presented at US DOE Carbon Storage Meeting

 The US DOE held its annual Carbon Storage Review meeting in Pittsburgh 1-3 August. This is always an interesting meeting because all the CCUS R,D&D projects funded by the US DOE have to present and be reviewed, and was attended by some 250 participants. This year was even more interesting because of the sixteen CarbonSAFE integrated proje...

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G20 on Climate, clean energy and CCS.

 There was much news coverage of the G20 meeting and the positions that the US President was likely to take. The end result was a media focus on climate change differences, noting the G20 Declaration allowed the US to state its leaving of the Paris Agreement but also emphasised the robust support by the 19 other countries for the Paris Agreeme...

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2nd Offshore Workshop

​The 2nd international workshop on offshore CCS was held in Beaumont Texas, 19-20 June. This was hosted by Lamar University and the BEG, and attracted 50 attendees from 9 countries to discuss developments for offshore transport and geological storage. It build on the conclusions and recommendations from the first workshop in 2016, continued the the...

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Monitoring Network meeting in Traverse City

The 12th Monitoring Network meeting concluded on Thursday 15 June after three days of the latest updates on monitoring technology developments and applications, healthy discussions, a group exercise, and a field trip to the MRCSP project. Many thanks to Battelle and Core Energy for hosting the meeting. It was so clear how monitoring has advanced an...

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CTCN Workshop

​I attended a workshop by the Climate Technology Centre and Network (CTCN) at their headquarters in Copenhagen 22-23 May. CTCN was established as the operational arm of the UNFCCC's 'Technology Mechanism' and has been given increased emphasis by the Paris Agreement. IEAGHG was one of the earlier members of the CTCN's Network and have undertaken a f...

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Boaty McBoatface meets CCS

I went to Portland Harbour to see the results of the harbour trials of the UK Energy Technologies Institute funded marine Monitoring Measurement and Verification (MMV) system which has been developed for CO2 storage site surveillance. This has a strong emphasis on the utilisation of AUVs (autonomous underwater vehicles – now famous from "Boaty McBo...

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Advancing Environmental Monitoring for Offshore CO2 Storage Projects.

The STEMM-CCS project held its first annual meeting last week. This is an EU Horizon 2020 funded project that will develop and test environmental monitoring at a controlled release of CO2 in the North Sea. The project is coordinated by The UK's National Oceanography Centre, with a consortium of partners representing the leading marine science organ...

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News from Korea and Petra Nova at the 7th Korea CCUS International Conference.

The 7th Korea CCUS conference was held on Jeju island on 8-10th February. This annual conference brings together all the CCUS R&D in Korea. This is a respectably-sized conference, a total number of around 300 attended over the three days to hear presentations (in English) in three parallel streams: capture; storage; and CO2 conversion; plus som...

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Data sharing initiatives launched at GHGT-13: CSDC and Ginninderra

As GHGT-13 drew so many from the CCS world together in one place for a week it is not surprising that many take advantage to organise launch events there. Two involved the launch of projects' datasets for wider use by the CCS community, one deep-focussed, one shallow-focussed. One was organised by Geoscience Australia and CO2CRC to launch their rel...

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Happy Birthday Sleipner!

 A Discussion Panel was organised to celebrate the 20 years of successful injection by Statoil at Sleipner, and how best to transfer knowledge globally. Statoil have been doing a good job over the years of sharing their seismic data (via IEAGHG) and other monitoring results at IEAGHG and other meetings, with very many papers published also. So...

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“Keep calm and carry on” - COP-22 underway, with CCS events, and American developments.

COP-22 got underway in Marrakesh in unseasonable heavy rain. Several thousand delegates are gathering at the tented city that is the conference centre for the work to start developing the implementation details of the Paris Agreement, in terms of frameworks, processes and mechanisms. Negotiations commenced under SBSTA on the Technology Framework in...

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Visit to Tomakomai Project

 During the CSLF week of meetings in Tokyo, the Japanese hosts RITE and JCCS Company arranged for a day visit to the Tomakomai project on the northern island of Hokkaido. This project is capturing CO2 from a gas stream from the hydrogen production unit at the Tomakomai refinery using a unique two-stage pressure swing absorption system, and inj...

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US DOE Carbon Storage Meeting and IEAGHG Plenary Panels

 The US DOE's annual Carbon Storage R&D Project Review Meeting was held in Pittsburgh this week. These meetings present all the current DOE funded research and development projects in CO2 storage, and are impressive gatherings of US research activity. This year it was combined with the DOE's oil and natural gas technologies research review...

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Millionth tonne captured at Boundary Dam during IEAGHG International Summer School

Congratulations to SaskPower for capturing their millionth tonne of CO2 yesterday, during the IEAGHG International CCS Summer School visit. Fifty students from over 17 countries visited SaskPower's Boundary Dam project yesterday, coinciding with the capture of their millionth tonne. The students had been hearing from SaskPower about many aspects of...

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International Workshop on Offshore Geological CO2 Storage report

 The report is now published of the workshop on Offshore Geological CO2 Storage which was held on 19-21 April, 2016 at the Bureau of Economic Geology (BEG) at The University of Texas, Austin, Texas, USA. The workshop was organized by the Gulf Coast Carbon Center at BEG, IEAGHG, and the South African National Energy Development Institute, and w...

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Monitoring Network and Modelling Network meeting in Edinburgh - using the modelling-monitoring loop to demonstrate storage performance more effectively

The 11th meeting of the IEAGHG's Monitoring Network and the 6th meeting of the Modelling Network took place in Edinburgh last week, as a combined meeting, hosted by BGS and SCCS. These meetings bring together leading experts from research and industry to discuss the latest work and developments, with around 60 participants from 11 countries at this...

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Occidental MRV presented at the 2016 CCUS Conference, USA

 This year this annual CCUS Conference moved from its recent past location in Pittsburgh to Tysons Corner, Virginia (near Washington DC). Over three days, some 200 attendees listened to 65 presentations given in four parallel streams. There was great interest in the two presentations were made on the Occidental MRV plan which had been approved...

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Public Sharing of Information on Progressing Development of the UK’s Strategic Carbon Dioxide Storage Resource

 There was an excellent webinar today hosted by the Global CCS Institute on work from the UK's Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) to develop UK storage resource. The report was produced by a consortium led by Aberdeen-based consultancy Pale Blue Dot Energy working with Axis Well Technology and Costain. It follows a 12 month project commission...

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Review of project permits under the London Protocol – An assessment of the proposed P18-4 CO2 storage site

 The London Convention and Protocol promotes the protection of the marine environment by prohibiting the dumping of wastes and other matter into the sea. Under the Protocol all dumping is prohibited, with the exception of a limited number of selected substances. In 2007, an amendment entered into force which permitted CO2 streams for geologica...

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New report - Review of GHG Accounting Rules for CCS

IEAGHG has jsut published a new techncial review - 2016-TR3, Review of GHG Accounting Rules for CCS. The review was completed by Carbon Counts. A range of greenhouse gas (GHG) monitoring and accounting protocols and guidelines currently exist for carbon capture and storage (CCS) activities, and various activities continue in this area. This report ...

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