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End of the ROAD

It seems the ROAD project in the Netherlands has come to the end of its road. It is a shame that any CCS project does not proceed and particularly one in Europe, but ROAD has had the feeling of a dead man walking for a long time now. Its latest restructuring meant it only had a small offshore injection lifetime of some 3 years. When I first heard that I admit to thinking is it worth it? So perhaps it is time to say au revoir it was good while it lasted but move on to pastures new. The Port of Rotterdam offers opportunities as a cluster centre for industry CCS as does Teeside in the UK. EU money might be better invested on these centres to develop CCS in Europe. Industrial CCS seems more consistent with EU thinking on the application of CCS than in the power sector. Norway is again leading the charge on industrial CCS in Europe and no one expects CCS projects to fall by the wayside there, so there are still some rays of sunshine through the clouds. 

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