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IEAGHG Modelling and Risk Management Network Meeting, Field Trip to the BEST site western North Dakota

As part of the latest IEAGHG combined Modelling and Risk Management Network meeting, hosts EERC organised a field trip to a brine extraction and pressure management test site (BEST) near Watford City, North Dakota.One of the challenges presented by CO2 injection into saline formations is an increase in reservoir pressure. Brine extraction can be used to control pressure but the fluid has to be treated or re-injected into other formations.At this site the extracted brine will be used as one of several water supply sources for treatment.It is anticipated that the composition of the extracted brine will evolve over time.This test bed has been designed to modify brine compositions by blending extracted water with either high salinity produced water or fresh water imported from sources elsewhere.The intention of this project is to be able to produce water qualities that will be representative of water produced at other CO2 storage sites.In the future other disposal options or treatment including desalination may be possible with the aim of reducing the volume of produced brine.The BEST project partners for this site are the US Department of Energy, NETL, EERC, Nuverra Environmental Services, CMG and Schlumberger Carbon Services.  

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IEAGHG Modelling and Risk Management Network Meeti...
IEAGHG Modelling and Risk Management Network Meeti...

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