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Date: 6 December 2023, 10:00-11:00,

Location: Blue Zone, Clean Air Task Force’s Zero Carbon Future pavilion


Some Small Island Developing States are seeking to implement CCS themselves; others are at an earlier stage and are seeking information. All ask for knowledge transfer on CCS, as was shown in the First Global Dialogue on the Mitigation Work Programme on the 3rd June in Bonn at SB58. This side-event for COP28 to be hosted by the Clean Air Task Force will facilitate and stimulate South-South knowledge transfer on CCS between Small Island Developing States. 


Moderated by Tim Dixon of IEAGHG and Eadbhard Pernot of CATF (including the Carbon Management Challenge context)




·        Brad Crabtree (tbc), Assistant Secretary at the US Department of Energy – Welcome

·        Mrs. Penelope Bradshaw-Niles, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Energy and Energy Industries, Trinidad and Tobago

·        Dr David Alexander, UTT, and Dr Raffie Hosein, UWI – Trinidad and Tobago achieving real progress on CCS since COP27

·        Adiola Walcott, University of Guyana - CCS developments in Guyana

·        Francelino Antonio Xavier (name tbc), ANPM, Timor Leste – Developments and knowledge transfer needs for Timor Leste

·        Wrap up  -  Dr Katherine Romanak, University of Texas

·        Questions from the audience