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Technical Session 1

Time Session Paper
    Large Scale Oxyfuel Pilot Plant Experience
14.00  1A

Callide Oxyfuel Project – Overview of Commissioning Experience:
Chris Spero, CS Energy/Callide Oxyfuel Services Pty Ltd.;Toshihiko Yamada, IHI Corporation; Graeme Rees, GLP Plant Pty Ltd.; Philippe Court, Air Liquide

14.20  1A Callide Oxyfuel Project – Combustion and Environmental Performance:
Chris Spero, CS Energy/Callide Oxyfuel Services Pty; Toshihiko Yamada, IHI Corporation; Peter Nelson, Tony Morrison, Macquarie University;  Claire Bourhy‐Weber, Air Liquide
14.40  1A OxyCoal™ Burner Testing to Develop Models for Oxyfuel Combustion:
David Sturgeon, JW Rogerson, Gerry Hesselmann, Doosan Power Systems Ltd. 
15.00  1A Burner Tests in Vattenfall’s Oxyfuel Pilot Plant:
Uwe Burchhardt, Rainer Giering, Vattenfall BU R&D Projects; Gerd Weiß, Vattenfall Europe Technology Research
    Fundamentals: Flue Gas Processing and Compression
14.00  1B Liquefaction of Oxyfuel Flue Gases – Experimental Results and Modeling of Heat Transfer Coefficients:
Thorsten Küster, Rudolf Eggers,Hamburg University of Technology
14.20  1B Gas Phase Oxidation of SO2 by NO2 in Pressurized Flue Gas Systems ‐ An Experimental Investigation: 
Sima Ajdari, Fredrik Normann, Klas Andersson, Filip Johnsson, Chalmers University of Technology
14.40  1B Withdrawn 
15.00  1B Flue Gas Processing: Strategies for Water Management. Water Removal and Moisture Control via Dew Point Modelling: 
Jens Hetland, SINTEF Energy Research
    Fundamentals: Heat Transfer and Combustion Diagnostics
14.00 1C Application of Optical Diagnostic Techniques to Oxy‐Coal Flames: 
Pal Toth, Terry Ring, Eric Eddings, University of Utah; Arpad Palotas, University of Miskolc
14.20 1C Gas Optical Properties of Oxy‐Fuel Combustion and Implications on Radiative Heat Transfer:
Sebastian Rehfeldt, Hitachi Power Europe
14.40 1C Exergy-Based Methodology for the Minimization of the Energy Penalty of Oxy-pulverized Coal Power Plants with CCS:
Hayato Hagia, EDF R&D, Fluid Dynamics Power Generation and Environment Department and MINES ParisTech, DEP - Department of Energy and Processes; Yann Le Moullec, EDF R&D, Fluid Dynamics Power Generation and Environment Department; Maroun Nemerb, Chakib Bouallou, MINES ParisTech, DEP - Department of Energy and Processes
15.00 1C Development and Application of a Novel Radiation Property Model for Oxy‐Coal Combustion: 
Alessandro Pranzitelli, Alastair Clements, Rachael Porter, Lin Ma, Mohamed Pourkashanian, University of Leeds;Augus Duncan, Doosan Power Systems Ltd
    Ash Deposition, Corrosion and Materials Selection
14.00 1D Air Pre‐heater Corrosion Behaviour Related to Halogens for Oxycoal Retrofit of Utility Boilers:
Andrew Fry, University of Utah; Bradley Adams, Tim Shurtz, Kevin Davis,Reaction Engineering International; William Cox, Corrosion Management Ltd.
14.20 1D Oxidation Behaviour of Possible Construction Materials for Heat Exchange Components in Oxyfuel Plants in the Temperature Range of 550‐650°C: 
P. Huczkowski, M. Schiek, Lorenz. Singheiser, W.J.Quadakkers, Forschungszentrum Jülich; A. Gerhardt, Vattenfall Research & Development AB; Uwe Burchhardt, Vattenfall Europe Generation AG
14.40 1D Influence of Ash Deposition in Oxyfuel Corrosion Experiments: 
Axel Kranzmann, Maria Mosquera Feijoo, Federal Institute for Material Science and Testing; Alba Baselga Zapater, Institut Quimic de Sarria
15.00 1D Behaviour of Deposit and Fly Ash under Oxyfuel Conditions:
Manoj Paneru, Reinhold Spörl, Gosia Stein‐Brzozowska, Jörg Maier, Prof. Günter Scheffknecht, Institute of Combustion and Power Plant Technology (IFK), University of Stuttgart