IEA Greenhouse Gas R&D Programme

Programme Team

The programme team consists of 10 core staff members covering different aspects of the CCS chain and also covering the administrational and operational needs of the company.

The General Manager, John Gale, is responsible for managing the Programme overall to meet the strategic objectives agreed with the members, and managing the research programme fund to meet member's needs and requirements and the HSE/legal requirements of operating a company in the UK.

Tim Dixon is the Technical Programme Manager; he is responsible for the day to day management of the technical study programme, our international research networks, summer school activities, and input to international regulatory developments.

Tricia Watkins is our Office and Finanace Manager,  providing administrative and non-technical support to the General Manager in the management of the programme. Tricia manages the day-to-day running of the company and related administration, including liaison with our accountants, members, IT support companies etc,. 

Sian Twinning is our Conference Services Manager. She supports the General Manager on the three principal conferences activities we undertake; managing the organisational side of each conference, budgetary management, and management of on-site support services, report/communications delivery and manages the paper/abstract systems. Sian also supports Tim Dixon by managing the delivery of the annual International CCS Summer School.

Jasmin Kemper, and Keith Burnard together comprise our Capture & Integrated Systems Team . These two individuals manage the technical studies we undertake in the areas of capture development, techno-economic assessments of technology options, dehydration/compression systems, transportation systems etc. As well as being technical experts in their respective fields; between them they manage the technical aspects of two international research networks and one conference series. Jasmin the high temperature solid looping network, Keith the Post Combustion Capture conferences and the cross cutting costs network

Stanley Santos, is our technical expert on oxyfuel combustion and the technical activities on the OCC conference series. Stanley also manages our activities related to the introduction/integration of capture technologies into industrial facilities.

James Craig is our Senior Geologist and with Lydia Rycroft they manage our technical studies on geological storage of CO2, and work with Tim Dixon on the management of our four international research networks on geological storage.

Becky Kemp is our Communications Manager and oversees our external communication activities. Handling all IEAGHG publications, our newsletter and social media communications activities. 

  John-Gale crop   Tim-Dixon crop  
   John Gale,
General Manager
Tim Dixon, 
Technical Programme 
 Stanley-Santos crop    Jasmin crop  

 Stanley Santos,
Project Manager

 Keith Burnard,
Project Manager
Jasmin Kemper,
Project Officer



James-Craig crop Lydia web  


James Craig,
Senior Geologist
Lydia Rycroft,
Project Officer
Tricia-crop Sian-Twinning Becky Kemp crop  
Tricia Watkins,
Office & Finance Manager
Sian Twinning,
Events Programme
Becky Kemp,


To contact any of these staff members, please put their name in the subject line and email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.