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One of the key barriers to wide scale application of CCS is costs. IEAGHG has been part of a steering committee that has helped to organise a series of 3 two-day workshops on costs of CCS. The workshops have covered issues such as CCS costing methods and measures, costs of CO2 capture for power generation, costs of demonstration plants, estimating costs of novel capture technologies, costs of capture in industries other than power generation and costs of CO2 transport and storage.

The first workshop was held at the offices of the IEA, Paris in March 2011, the second was at EPRI, Palo Alto in April 2012 and the third was at IEA, Paris in November 2013. The workshops were attended by about 40 invited experts working on CCS cost estimation.

Following an action from the first workshop, members of the workshop steering committee produced a White Paper entitled “Toward a Common Method of Cost Estimation for CCS at Fossil Fuel Power Plants” which has been published by IEAGHG and other organisations represented on the steering committee. This report (IEAGHG report 2013/TR2) can be downloaded from this website.

Future workshops will be organised under the auspices of this IEAGHG CCS Cost Network. 

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