IEA Greenhouse Gas R&D Programme

IEAGHG funds research into carbon capture and storage (CCS), also known as CO2 capture and storage, or carbon sequestration.

Our work focuses on technologies that can reduce our carbon emissions, and mitigate climate change and global warming. We are a not for profit organisation, and all of our work is subject to peer review ensuring that it remains impartial and unbiased.

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10/02/2016 GHGT-13 Steering Committee jumping for joy
If ever we needed proof....

08/02/2016 Industrial CCS the key in Norway
Norway is focusing on CCS applications in industry, with three pre-feasibility......

18/12/2015 2nd International Forum on Recent Developments of CCS – the impact of impurities on the whole CCS chain from capture to transport and storage.
Theme of the meeting was the impact of impurities in CO2....

15/12/2015 COP-21 outcomes
This was indeed a historic UNFCCC meeting...

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Dec 15 Top Third

Issue No.120, December 2015 now available 

Landmark CCS Project Opens  • IEAGHG COP21 Side Event • GHGT-13 final call for abstracts • IEA WEO •  IEAGHG Summer School 2016 + much more

Top third overview14

Each year IEAGHG produce a number of technical reports, the overview of each of these published in  2014 have been complied into one convenient publication.

 2014 Reports Overviews

GHGT-13 receives 1,017 abstracts

We are proud to announce the next installment of the GHGT conference series, GHGT-13 to be held 14th-18th November 2016, Lausanne, Switzerland.  Full details can be found on the brand new website

GHGT-13 offers a great opportunity for companies to access target markets within the CCS community. Please see the relevant prospectus for opportunities.

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IEAGHG Meetings


29th Sept-2nd Oct  Risk Management and Environmental Research Combined Networks Meeting, Southampton, UK
27th - 30th Oct 5th Oxyfuel Combustion Network Meeting, Wuhan, China


14-18 November GHGT-13, Lausanne, Switzerland 
For information on the latest network meetings and conferences 

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Project Manager, Capture Systems

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 Annual Review 2014AR 2014-Front-Cover-Image crop

The 2014 Annual Review is available to download now. The Annual Review outlines the work undertaken and produced by the IEAGHG including the conferences (GHGT-12), networks, technical reports, information papers and presentations made by members of staff at external meetings

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IEAGHG staff members make regular presentations at external meetings, for a full list and the pdf's please use the link below

Latest presentation: 

Techno-Economic Assessment of Oxy-Combustion Turbine Power Plants with CO2 Capture Stanley Santos

IPCC SRCCS - 10 Years Later John Gale

World CCS: Current Status, Challenges and Future Directions - John Gale

CCS Current Global Status - John Gale

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IJGGC front cover

International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control

The International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control is a peer reviewed journal focusing on scientific and engineering developments in greenhouse gas control through capture and storage at large stationary...

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Editor-in-Chief: John Gale