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IEA Greenhouse Gas R&D Programme

An important aspect of the IEAGHG’s activities is to ensure that the results of its work are disseminated as widely as possible. IEAGHG has been asked by its members to produce short briefing papers on a 6 monthly basis that inform the broader community of developments in both Greenhouse Gas Mitigation and the Technical Status of CCS.

The first of these briefs were produced in April 2016, with a follow up in October 2016, and every 6 months thereafter.

The GHG Mitigation Brief aims to summarise key climate change science, policy and technology developments, identified by IEAGHG, in a 6 month period and aims to provide information for both its members and the broader policy development community, interest groups and policy makers.

The CCS Technical Status Brief aims to summarise key technical developments in CCS that IEAGHG has identified with a six month period and put these developments into the broader context of what they mean for the deployment of CCS.

Click Here to view the Briefing Papers on GHG mitigation and CCS