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Greenhouse News is a free Newsletter providing information on new developments in the field of greenhouse gas abatement and mitigation


The publication also provides details of IEAGHG’s activities and incorporates news from its member countries.


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Greenhouse News is freely available to the public and people working in greenhouse gas mitigation alike. If you are interested in providing an article for inclusion in the newsletter, please email us with the details to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



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The latest edition of the IEAGHG Greenhouse News newsletter is now available to download. Articles in this edition include...



  • IEAGHG Summer School Reviews
  • Success of GHGT-16 in Lyon
  • 7th UEAGHG CCS Cost Network Worshop
  • 9th High Temperature Solid Looping Cycles Network (HTSLCN Meeting)
  • UK Government Announcement  £20bn for CCS
  • … and more!




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